Let the world know you're organising a special event.

Sending a press release for a special event is a great way to get coverage and draw attention to your business.  

Your special event could be any activity that enables direct client or customer engagement with your brand or product. It will usually provide potential prospects with an opportunity to receive free samples, discounts, or the opportunity to sample the product or make a purchase on special terms.  

Anniversaries, new product launches, popup marketing activities, celebrations of award wins, or new and emerging market trends provide the opportunity to plan and create special events for example.  

Follow the steps on our template to maximise your chance of coverage.  

press release template crowdfunding campaign

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Why Send a Press Release?


Increase your online presence Sending a press release to a list of journalists and bloggers will give you the chance to see your business featured in online publications and blogs.

Drive traffic to website

Drive traffic to your website Getting coverage in an online publication will boost your visibilty and automatically drive a lot of traffic to your website. Free advertising!


Improve your SEO Online coverage is not only good for your brand recognition, it's also great for your SEO. Get new backinks from high-authority websites.

build brand profile

Build your brand profile & awareness Sending a press release is great for your brand awareness as you automatically get your brand in front of targeted journalists. One single news story can get your business in front of a large audience.